About Corvis

Corvis (born 1954) is a Dutch artist living in Koog aan de Zaan a village in the Zaanstad area just north of Amsterdam. Apart from being a painter, he has been running his own graphic design and illustration studio for more than twenty-five years.

Corvis makes his own oil paint from original recipes using traditional pigments, the same way the old Dutch master painters did in the Golden Age. These traditional pigments are ground at a paint mill located at just a few miles' distance from his studio, in the open-air museum ''Zaanse Schans".

Corvis' paintings reflect the artist's thoughts and observations about the complexity of the human mind: strange behaviour driven by all kind of emotions, primarily ruled by the survival instinct. Situations are placed in other contexts to enhance the alienating effect, which can be confronting for those who recognise the innermost depths in his work.